Legal pot comes to California – thank Jack Herer

Jack Herer WikiCCbySA3.0
Jack Herer WikiCCbySA3.0

On Monday, California became the sixth state in which recreational marijuana is sold legally — with the same absence of fanfare that marked the start of legal sales in Colorado four years ago.

It’s a shame that Jack Herer didn’t live to see it.

Herer, who died in 2010, was a Southern California head shop owner who devoted his life to getting marijuana legalized. In 1985, he wrote a book titled The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which was a Whole Earth Catalog of marijuana and hemp lore.

The book contained a trove of information on the history of marijuana and hemp, the medical and economic benefits of cannabis, the conspiracy that made marijuana illegal and the breath-taking damage that marijuana prohibition had done, and a clarion call for re-legalization…more (Boulder