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Buying CBD? Some questions to ask before you part with the cash

Hemp SeedHere are some  questions you might want to ask before making a purchase. There are many products to choose from and most are from new companies that may or may not be reputable and reliable.


  • Can you examine third party test results and are they current?
  • What is the name of the third party testing center?
  • What is the source of the CBD?
  • How is it processed?
  • What solvents are used (if any)?
  • Are there any other ingredients used and why?
  • If the extracts are imported from Europe are the seeds approved through the European Industrial Hemp Association?
  • Any samples available?
  • Is the product any different than other similar products and if so why?
  • What if any is the wait time on orders?

Add your own questions and shop wisely.

Gay couple want to help fund cannabis related businesses

L-R: Wives Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins
L-R: Wives Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins

Wives Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins are currently filming the second season of The Marijuana Show – the ‘Shark Tank’ like show that gives investment money to cannabis-related businesses.

With filming having already taken place in Denver, Colorado, the show – which will air online and potentially on streaming services in early 2016 – takes advantage of the fact that cannabis use and production was largely decriminalized in the US state in 2012.

The women are convinced that it’s only a matter of time before it is legalized across all 50 states, which would translate as great growth potential for fledgling pot-related businesses. Accordingly, they’re currently in negotiations with Fox and Netflix to distribute the show to a wider audience.

‘If you want to get into a business more lucrative than any other right now, it’s cannabis,’ Robbins told The Advocate…MORE (gaystarnews)

Cannabis shops applying for permit grapple with Vancouver’s stringent rules

Vancouver Cannabis Shop

Of the nearly 200 pot shops wanting a business licence from the City of Vancouver, only 11 have cleared the first hurdle. But the city is promising that the number of applicants who could ultimately be able to open their doors may double.

The city announced Monday that of the 176 applicants, only 11 – six of whom want to open non-profit compassion clubs – had met the stringent 300-metre distancing rules meant to keep shops away from schools and community centres…

…The licences will cost compassion clubs $1,000 and retail marijuana shops $30,000…MORE (Globe&Mail)

Netherlands and Israel, a Marriage of Cannabis

Israel visits HollandReporting from a 5 day fact finding mission in the Netherlands exploring the medical cannabis program and the players in the industry, together with Saul Kaye, our CEO and Jason Ryker, our CFO/COO.

Since we announced our partnership with Israel’s Cannabis Medical Unit and our subsequent postponement of the CannaTech Summit until March, we find ourselves with the time opportunity to investigate interesting markets and build new international relationships.

Our trip began with a walking tour of the tourist Coffeeshops, where legal recreational cannabis is sold ‘legally’. During the week we met with Bedrocan, the only licensed medical cannabis grower in the country. We also met with a number of great companies involved in seed breeding, ecommerce, culture and clinical trials / research….MORE (Times of Israel)

Young sisters pin health hopes on Victoria cannabis treatment

Australian sisters Tabetha, 13, and Georgia-Grace Fulton, 8
Australian sisters Tabetha, 13, and Georgia-Grace Fulton, 8

Two sisters from Australia have come to Canada seeking help for a degenerative lung disease that could quickly prove to be fatal if not treated properly. And they are receiving it in Victoria, thanks to an alternative treatment centre that is supplying the children with cannabis oil.

The concern, however, is what happens when Tabetha, 13, and Georgia-Grace Fulton, 8, return home in a few months.

Prior to their arrival in Victoria this summer, the sisters were being treated in Australia with steroids — drugs whose side-effects, including osteoporosis, have drastically reduced their quality of life, says mother Bobby-Jo Fulton.

The family came to Canada, the first country to make legal the use of medicinal marijuana by non-residents, seeking an alternative means of treatment…MORE (

New Zealand: Minister’s push for medical marijuana

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne
New Zealand’s Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne

Trials for medical marijuana should be encouraged despite “prejudice” from the medical profession, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says.

The debate over medical marijuana has sparked up after the Australian government announced a licensing scheme to allow the cultivation of cannabis for medical trial purposes this month.

And Mr Dunne says New Zealand was “highly likely” to follow suit if the trial products were approved.

He told TVNZ’s Q + A programme it would be “very, very good” to get clinical trials in New Zealand…MORE (

8 things you didn’t know about hemp

The Drug Enforcement Administration told PBS NewsHour it has granted several dozen permits to grow hemp in nine states including Kentucky. Graphic by Lisa Overton/PBS NewsHour Weekend
The Drug Enforcement Administration told PBS NewsHour it has granted several dozen permits to grow hemp in nine states including Kentucky. Graphic by Lisa Overton/PBS NewsHour Weekend

Early last year, Congress passed a Farm Bill authorizing a wide range of federal agricultural programs.

Tucked away in that legislation was an amendment granting states and universities the right to research a plant that has long been banned from cultivation in the United States — hemp.

Hemp production was banned throughout the United States in 1937, with the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act. Two weeks ago, North Carolina’s House and Senate passed a bill that would legalize the production of industrial hemp in the state.

The Drug Enforcement Administration told PBS NewsHour it has granted several dozen permits to grow hemp in nine states…MORE (

Why Kentucky farmers are quitting tobacco and turning to hemp