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Here We Go Again: Medical-Cannabis Extracts at Arizona Dispensaries Deemed Illegal

A Navajo County judge’s recent ruling about medical-marijuana extracts could lead to popular dispensary products like vape cartridges and edibles being taken off the shelves.

Don’t freak out: That’s a worst-case scenario.

But it’s possible, if a higher court ultimately agrees with the judge and rules that “cannabis” is not covered by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Some cannabis advocates say patients should watch this case closely…MORE (

Texas’ First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Set To Open In December

In just two months, Texans suffering from intractable epilepsy will be able to purchase a type of medicinal cannabis approved by the state.  The dispensary itself is located outside a rural Texas town better known for its dancehalls, polka music and kolaches.

Austin mom Katie Graham, sips coffee at a café on the city’s Northwest side.  She’s just sent her son Elliott off on a school field trip and now nervously monitors her cell phone for texts alerting her that her son has suffered another seizure.

“There’s always a really high level of anxiety and stress.  Every single moment, ever single phone call, you never know if that’s that one call from school that he’s had another seizure and so even at night we don’t sleep very well because there’s always that anxiety,” Graham explains…MORE (

I Took CBD Oil For 7 Days For Anxiety — Here’s What Happened

I have to admit, I’m nervous to share this story . . . in large part because of the stigma around marijuana, regardless of the reasons you’re using it or which component of it you’re using (THC vs. CBD, specifically). But that in and of itself made me realize how much more I do need to share this story. Because if we break through the stigma, there’s a product here that has the capacity to change lives and help millions of people heal naturally. And no, it won’t make you into a stoner.

A few weeks ago, the people at Charlotte’s Web Hemp reached out to see if I wanted to try CBD for myself. To be honest, my initial reaction was “hell no.” I don’t smoke, I never want to be “high,” I’m not into weed, and I’m not in any way, shape, or form into illegal drugs in general. However, I am a huge fan of naturopathic remedies like Chinese herbs and probiotics, acupuncture, and essential oils. I had been reading about how CBD is natural and legal, doesn’t make you feel “high,” and could mitigate effects of anxiety (in addition to a laundry list of other things)…MORE (

This scientist wants to turn Ireland into ‘a central hub’ for medical cannabis

James Linden

A Pharmaceutical startup that specialises in medicinal cannabis research is planning to open a new facility in Donegal.

James Linden, founder of Dublin-headquartered Greenlight Medicines, says the firm is looking to roll out a new hub in the north-west in 2018.

“We’ll have a cultivation site for growing the material for our clinical trials and we will have another facility that will be used for extracting compounds from the raw material,” he tells Fora.

As part of the expansion, the company is looking grow its workforce from nine people to 60 within the next year and a half.

Founded in 2015, Greenlight is a research and development outfit that explores the potential medical use of cannabis and its main elements, which are called cannabinoids…MORE (

How Legal Cannabis Is Improving Public Health

Legal cannabis access is associated with numerous favorable public health outcomes. Here are just a few of them.


Changes in the legal status of cannabis is associated with significant reductions in opioid-related mortality. Data published in 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine reports that medical cannabis regulation is associated with year-over-year declines in overall opioid-related mortality, including heroin overdose deaths. Specifically, medicalization states experienced a 20 percent decrease in opioid deaths as compared to non-medicalized states within one year. This decrease climbed to 33 percent by year six. Other studies have separately linked the establishment of both dispensaries and adult use retailers with reductions in opioid deaths. Traffic fatalities involving opioid-positive drivers has also fallen in states that have implemented medical marijuana laws.




Peru Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Peru’s congress late Thursday overwhelmingly approved a measure supported by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski that legalizes marijuana for medicinal use.

The proposal at first was controversial because of the thriving illegal drug trade: Peru is the world’s second largest producer of coca leaves — the source plant for cocaine — and some worried that drug gangs would branch into the marijuana business.

Proponents emphasized however that the measure is aimed at extracting components from marijuana to address specific ailments.

The Kuczynski administration proposed legalizing medicinal marijuana in February, after police busted a home lab and arrested a group of parents who were distilling cannabis oil for children ill with cancer and severe cases of epilepsy…more (

Adventures In Medical Marijuana With My 80-Year-Old Mother

In my life, I’ve smoked pot maybe 10 times. The last time was in 1987. That means that there are 30-year-olds out there who were not yet alive the last time I had a personal experience with pot. So I haven’t exactly been well informed about marijuana usage in recent years.

Despite my near complete lack of knowledge, when my mother decided to try chemotherapy to potentially extend her life after a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer, I talked to her about whether she wanted to investigate medical marijuana. I knew she would. For years, when I was a young adult, my mother (only semi-jokingly) would tell my brother and me that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was a joint. She had never tried marijuana and wanted to know what the fuss was about.

Of course, neither of us could bring ourselves to start our mom on the road to reefer madness, so year after year, she would turn her Christmas stocking inside out, hoping that a joint would appear at the bottom ― only to be bitterly disappointed. ..MORE (