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Pot shops are poles apart in Colorado and Washington

Colorado Cannabis Store Photo: Zimbio
Colorado Cannabis Store Photo: Zimbio

Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY

SEATTLE – The first thing I noticed was that the pot stores here don’t smell right – and that they can be awfully hard to find.

In Washington state, I visited several of the state’s legal recreational marijuana stores as part of USA TODAY’S continuing coverage of the nation’s fast-growing cannabis industry. I’m based in Denver, in the only other state that permits recreational sales, and my trip to Washington was intended to help me better understand the two states’ approaches.

If you didn’t know marijuana was legal in Washington state, you’d be hard-pressed to guess. Only 60 pot-shop licenses have been granted statewide. When I was there, only one store served all of Seattle, and it was basically out of stock. A second has since opened up.

In Denver, more than two dozen marijuana stores serve downtown, and Colorado has licensed more than 230 retail stores. If I need to interview buyers or sellers, there are three stores within a one block of my downtown Denver apartment.

While the states have created similar regulatory structures – tracking of plants, mandatory testing, background checks for those working in the industry – the differences are noticeable. Starting with that smell…MORE (USA Today)

Alaska TV News reporter Charlo “F Bomb” Greene: “Why I Quit”

Charlo Greene Reportedly Terrorized Neighbor, Reaches Alaska Cannabis Club Goal

Maria Vultaggio September 23, 2014

Charlo Greene, the Alaska news reporter who became famous by quitting on live television, allegedly smoked so much marijuana at her home that her next door neighbor’s child became sick, TMZ reported. Now her neighbor is fighting Greene in court.

When Greene and her boyfriend moved into the apartment above Tyler Gilbrech’s place in June, they smoked so much pot that his 4-year-old daughter became ill from the fumes seeping through the walls, Gilbrech told TMZ. He said something to the building manager — and that’s when things went awry, he said.

Court documents revealed Greene harassed and threatened Gilbrech several times and told him to “watch his back,” TMZ reported. He filed for — and was granted — a temporary restraining order against the KTVA reporter two weeks ago. Since then, Greene has moved out of the building and must stay at least 20 feet away from Gilbrech and his family. A court hearing was scheduled for the end of the month.

Greene, in turn, claims her former neighbor harassed her with racial slurs, which he denies…MORE (

Australia: Medicinal cannabis reduces April Tognoni’s epileptic fits from hundreds to six per day

Orthographic map of Australia
“AUS orthographic” by Addicted04 -CCbySA3.0

Mark Acheson The Advocate Sept. 4, 2014

THE medical miracles of cannabis oil continue to dumbfound mother Jessica Rush.

Her two-year-old April Tognoni lives with myoclonic epilepsy, an incurable illness.

Since taking the oil young April’s thousand seizures a day have reduced to anywhere between one-hundred to six.

The Advocate spoke with Miss Rush in June this year, where April had begun interacting with her mother – an impossible task before.

Today Miss Rush fought back emotions as she told the tale any mother would never forget.

“It tears me every time,” she said…MORE (The Advocate)

Defunct Colorado Prison Could Be Used To Grow Marijuana

Aug 3, 2014
STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: And today’s last word In Business is the story of a prison going to pot.


LINDA WERTHEIMER, HOST: That is the proposed new use for a defunct prison – Colorado’s High Plains Correctional Facility.

INSKEEP: Go ahead – take a moment, make that little joke about High Plains, and then we’ll continue with this story at the prison’s host city, which is being forced to confront Colorado’s legalization of marijuana.

WERTHEIMER: That city, Brush, Colorado, voted against legalizing pot. But now a cannabis entrepreneur wants to bring pot right to their doorstep – actually, to their former prison…MORE (