Hemp oil controversy in Nova Scotia -Rick Simpson

Global National October 13, 2006

Rick Simpson holding hemp oil. Photo: Christian Laurette
Rick Simpson holding hemp oil. Photo: Christian Laurette

MACCAN, Nova Scotia– It’s “miracle cure” status has never been proven, but in a small Nova Scotia town one man is trying to get the word out about what he says are healing properties of “hemp oil”. Hemp oil is the essential oil distilled from the cannabis plant.

Rick Simpson has been making hemp oil and sharing it with friends and neighbours. In small doses, he says, it makes you well without getting you high.

“Well you can’t deny your own eyes can you?” Simpson asks. “Here’s someone dying of cancer and they’re not dying anymore.

“Here’s someone else, well they’re cured, and this is what’s doing it.”

The Maccan Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion was so impressed it hosted small meetings aimed at spreading the word about hemp oil. But Maritime Command closed the Maccan Branch because of the members support for hemp oil as a medicine…MORE (Canada.com)

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