Copenhagen: More cancer patients using illegal cannabis oil

By AJ February 20, 2014

Cannabis Oil Photo: Flicker
Cannabis Oil Photo: Flicker

It’s illegal and the effects are disputed, yet more terminally ill cancer patients are using oil extracted from cannabis seeds as an alternative treatment.

Although it’s never been scientifically documented, one of the producers of cannabis oil in Denmark, Henrik Vincenty, told the P1 radio documentary ‘Cannabis oil as cancer treatment’ this afternoon that he’s convinced his product cures cancer.

“There is no doubt that we can remove cancer cells,” he told P1. “We see that when people begin using the oil, their cancer declines rapidly.”

Illegal cannabis oil is sold on the street in Christiania and the internet is awash with stories of the oil’s medical qualities…MORE (

Oil composition boost makes hemp a cooking contender February 10, 2014
Source: University of York

A Yorkshire Field trial of High Oleic Hemp. Credit: Image courtesy of University of York
A Yorkshire Field trial of High Oleic Hemp.
Credit: Image courtesy of University of York

Scientists at the University of York today report the development of hemp plants with a dramatically increased content of oleic acid. The new oil profile results in an attractive cooking oil that is similar to olive oil in terms of fatty acid content having a much longer shelf life as well as greater heat tolerance and potentially more industrial applications.

Researchers in the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) in the Department of Biology at York say that high oleic acid varieties are a major step towards developing hemp as a commercially attractive break crop for cereal farmers. The research is published in Plant Biotechnology Journal.

Using fast-track molecular plant breeding, the scientists selected hemp plants lacking the active form of an enzyme involved in making polyunsaturated fatty acids. These plants made less poly-unsaturated fatty acids and instead accumulated higher levels of the mono-unsaturated oleic acid. The research team used conventional plant breeding techniques to develop the plants into a “High Oleic Hemp” line and higher oleic acid content was demonstrated in a Yorkshire field trial…MORE (

Hempseed oil has healthy potential: study

Hanfol German Hemp Oil
Hanfol German Hemp Oil

Shereen Jegtvig Feb 11, 2014

(Reuters Health) – With an ideal ratio of omega-6 and -3 fatty acids and some plant chemicals thought to lower high blood pressure, hempseed oil has potential as part of a heart-healthy diet, according to Spanish researchers.

They analyzed the makeup of oil extracted from Cannabis sativa, often called industrial hemp, which is a cousin of marijuana but with very low levels of the chemical in pot that provides a high.

“This is an interesting study that gives new information on the bioactive compounds found in hempseed that may potentially lower blood cholesterol levels and have an anti-atherogenic action,” Grant Pierce told Reuters Health in an email.

Pierce is executive director of research at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was not involved in the new study…MORE (

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Seed Oil: Analytical and Phytochemical Characterization of the Unsaponifiable Fraction © 2014 American Chemical Society

Australia: Desperate parents turn to medical marijuana in last-ditch effort to improve their children’s lives

Tara O'Connell takings treatment. Photo: Herald Sun
Tara O’Connell takings treatment. Photo: Herald Sun

Annika Smethurst Herald Sun January 12, 2014

Premier Denis Napthine says he supports the decision of the medical administration not to legalise medicinal marijuana, even after it has been revealed it saved a young girl’s life.

Victorian mum Cheri O’Connell spoke out about the benefits of liquid marijuana, which she says saved her epileptic daughter who was only given months to live.

“These issues in terms of approving medications are issues for the Therapeutic Goods Administration under the Federal Government,” Dr Napthine said.

“They base their decisions on the best medical advice and science. That’s the way these decisions ought to be based and I support that process.”

Eight-year-old Tara was having up to 60 seizures a day but has made a miraculous recovery since her mother , Cheri started giving her liquid cannabis made in Nimbin.

Doctors at one of Victoria’s leading hospitals have acknowledged the “remarkable improvements” in the girl’s condition one year after she started taking the drug…MORE (Herald Sun)

What if Cannabis Oil Cured Cancer?

The Erwin family after Alysa's diognosis
The Erwin family after Alysa’s diognosis

Larry Gabriel MetroTimes December 16, 2013

IN JANUARY 2011, then-14-year-old Alysa Erwin began having intense, debilitating headaches. By that spring she was diagnosed with Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma — brain cancer — at University of Michigan Medical Center.

According to information at, “Individuals with grade 3 astrocytoma have a median survival time of 18 months with treatment (radiation and chemotherapy). … Even with aggressive treatment, astrocytomas of all types tend to recur, making the prognosis generally poor.”

Alysa’s tumors were spread throughout her brain like ivy or a spider web. There was no local tumor that could be targeted for radiation. The Erwins, including Alysa’s parents Carly and David, returned to their northern Lower Peninsula home with five days worth of Temedor, an oral chemotherapy pill, to begin treatment.

“We were told she could live 18 months to two years on chemo,” says Carly. “We thought that was a death sentence to her.”

Still, seemingly without options, the Erwins figured they would give the chemotherapy a try.

“She was deathly sick,” says Carly of her daughter after taking the Temedor. ..MORE (MetroTimes)

Non-hallucinogenic cannabinoids are effective anti-cancer drugs October 14, 2013
Source: University of St George’s London

New research has shown that the non-hallucinogenic components of cannabis could act as effective anti-cancer agents.

The anti-cancer properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary hallucinogenic component of cannabis, has been recognised for many years, but research into similar cannabis-derived compounds, known as cannabinoids, has been limited.

The study was carried out by a team at St George’s, University of London. It has been published in the journal Anticancer Research.

The team, led by Dr Wai Liu and colleagues carried out laboratory investigations using a number of cannabinoids, either alone or in combination with each other, to measure their anti-cancer actions in relation to leukemia.

Of six cannabinoids studied, each demonstrated anti-cancer properties as effective as those seen in THC. Importantly, they had an increased effect on cancer cells when combined with each other. MORE (

Tommy Chong says hemp oil helped him beat cancer

John R. Kennedy Global News May 14, 2013

TORONTO — Canadian actor-comedian Tommy Chong says he’s beaten prostate cancer with a treatment regimen that included hemp oil.

"Tommy Chong in 2008" by Morten Skogly from Trondheim, Norway. CCbySA2.0
“Tommy Chong in 2008” by Morten Skogly from Trondheim, Norway. CCbySA2.0

“I’m cancer-free,” Chong wrote in a blog post. “That’s right, I kicked cancer’s a**!”

The Edmonton-born, Calgary-raised star — one-half of the Cheech and Chong comedy duo — was diagnosed with prostate cancer last June. He told CNN he believes he got it while serving time in a California prison in 2003-2004…MORE (