Uruguay to Export Medical Marijuana Oil

International Cannabis Corporation will produce Uruguay’s first batch of medical cannabis oil for export in December, the company’s chief executive said Sunday.

The Montevideo-headquartered company plans to ship the oil to Canada and Mexico, but is also open to selling it on the domestic market, Alejandro Antalich added.

“The goal is to export it. But if the Public Health Minister thinks it can be commercialized in the local market the idea would be to do that,” Antalich told Reuters by phone…MORE (Reuters)

How cannabis oil helped me get off painkillers

In a backpacking hostel during a stag weekend 10 years ago, I fell asleep on a top bunk next to an open window. Of course, that now strikes me as a stupid thing to have done, but at the time I didn’t give it a thought. I was on a weekend away, not a health-and-safety awareness course. At some point during the night, I tried getting out of the bunk, but instead of turning left and using the ladder, I turned right and hopped straight out of the window.

I fell 24ft on to concrete. From a survival point of view, I was lucky to land on my feet. The downside was that some rather important sections of my legs did not come out of it so well.

My left heel was crushed, while over on the right, my tibia and fibula – the two long bones in the lower leg – detached from their couplings and shattered. The next few weeks involved operations, plates, screws and quite unimaginable levels of agony. At one point, I felt a kind of blinding calm, as though the pain had gone all the way up the scale and rung a bell at the top….more (Telegraph.co.uk)

Cannabis Oil Relieves Chronic Seizures Suffered by 6 year old niece of Aston Villa Star

Gabby Agnonlahor, Twitter

The parents of a six-year-old girl from Birmingham have been treating their daughter’s undiagnosed brain condition with cannabis oil.

Jayla Agbonlahor, niece of Aston Villa footballer Gabby Agbonlahor, was rushed to hospital when she was just days old after her parents had noticed that she’d stopped breathing.

Initially, doctors suspected epilepsy, however, after five months of hospital care they identified that the problem was in baby Jayla’s brain, reports the Sunday Mercury…more (Independent.co.uk)

Cannabis Oil Sales in Ireland Soar

Cannabis Oil Photo: Flicker
Cannabis Oil Photo: Flicker

Despite the challenges with government stonewalling in Ireland, the demand for cannabis oil and its related products is clearly insatiable.

While THC-based oils are still illegal on the Emerald Isle, CBD oil is available, and one shop owner in Limerick says that his sales have grown exponentially.

This green rush has been spurred from the increased call for a robust medical marijuana system for Irish citizens. With a strong desire for the medical benefits associated with cannabis, the people of Ireland are buying whatever cannabis-based products they can find…more (Marijuana.com)

Indiana Officials don’t know if CBD is legal or not

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Weeks after Indiana State Excise Police declared products containing CBD oil to be illegal and subject to confiscation, the state’s alcohol and tobacco police suddenly changed their minds – and we now know why. State officials say they don’t actually know if CBD oil products are illegal or not.

“It’s a complicated issue, and we’re trying to work through it and figure out what the rules are,” said David Cook, chairman of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. “We’re trying to determine the legality. There’s differing legal opinions whether it’s legal or not, so until those issues are resolved, we’ve placed a moratorium on confiscating it.”…MORE (WTHR)

Signed as Law: Nevada Legalizes Commercial Hemp Production – Despite Federal Prohibition

Today (June 3), Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a bill into law to legalize commercial industrial hemp production in the state, despite a federal ban on the same. Passage into law sets the foundation to nullify federal prohibition in practice and effect within the state.

A bipartisan coalition of 12 legislators introduced Senate Bill 396 (SB396) in March. The legislation would authorize the cultivation of industrial hemp for commercial purposes and the production of agricultural hemp seed in Nevada. The new law expands current law that only allows an institution of higher education or the Nevada Department of Agriculture to cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes conducted under an agricultural pilot program or for other agricultural or academic research. Under the new law, the state will create separate licensing programs for growers, handlers and producers of hemp seed…MORE (ActivistPost)

Scientific American: Marijuana Treatment Reduces Severe Epileptic Seizures

Medical researchers have confirmed what some desperate parents have been claiming for years—that a nonpsychoactive component of marijuana known as cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce epileptic seizures in some children.

Published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the findings stem from a double-blind, placebo-controlled study—the most scientifically rigorous type of investigation possible. “This study clearly establishes cannabidiol as an effective anti-seizure drug for this disorder and this age group,” says principal investigator Orrin Devinsky, director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at New York University Langone Medical Center. “It certainly deserves to be studied in other types of epilepsy.” MORE (Scientific American)