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How Cannabis will survive an Apocalypse

"Doomsday Vault" in Norway contains thousands of varieties of cannabis seeds
“Doomsday Vault” in Norway contains thousands of varieties of cannabis seeds

Alyssa Sellors: Locked deep in an underground, insulated vault in a mountain on a remote Norwegian island lays the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), whose sole purpose is to preserve genetic material, should an apocalyptic situation occur here on earth.

But among the common crops we may all expect to be preserved (fruit seeds, vegetables, etc.) are 21,500 varieties of cannabis seeds, added to what has been dubbed the “Doomsday Seed Vault.” The seeds, which were accepted as of 2008, originate from 17 different countries, with 500 of these seeds coming from North Korea, yet none from the United States, reports a recent blog posting on SeattlePi.
Growing cannabis has gained popularity and attention in the United States with recent legislation allowing for the buying and selling of recreational marijuana, but worldwide, cannabis is not as heavily regulated or policed as it is in United States (which could be why the U.S. has yet to contribute to this preservation)…MORE (DigitalJournal)

Hemp Oil May Protect The Heart and Prevent Heart Disease

Canada Hemp Foods, Organic Hemp Oil, 17 Fluid Ounces just $9.99
Canada Hemp Foods, Organic Hemp Oil, 17 Fluid Ounces just $9.99

Heather McClees Raw Food World  01 Oct, 2014

Hempseed and hempseed oil are two items you may want to add to your heart-healthy regime if you haven’t done so already. According to a recent study with the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, hemp’s healthy fats are not just good for your brain, they’re also great for your ticker too!

How hempseed and hempseed oil benefit the heart

The effects are still in the early studies but so far, hempseed oil has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease due to the healthy omega 3 fatty acids hemp contains. The omega 3’s found in hemp come from the ALA (alpha linolenic acid) that hemp and other seeds like flax and chia contain. These healthy fats have been proven over the years to lower the risk of heart disease and are commonly recommended now in a heart-healthy diet. They’re also a good source of fiber and antioxidants….MORE (Raw Food World)

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Hemp Oil, Hemp Hearts and Protein

Manitoba-Harvest-Hemp-HeartsKatie Brind Amour fitnessgoop.com August 7, 2014

The verdict is in! I was the lucky winner of Fitness Goop’s contest for articles on healthy living, and I happily accepted my prize: a giant box of goodies from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils. They were very generous! My package contained a giant container of hemp hearts (no joke—it’s 5lbs), a container of hemp oil, hemp Pro 50 protein powder, hemp Pro Fiber protein powder, a yoga mat and carrying case, and a reusable shopping bag. Score.

I pulled all of my loot out and sat staring at it proudly until I realized, “Wait a minute. I’ve never used hemp oil or hemp hearts before! What am I going to do with this?” (Happily, the protein powder and yoga mat will be easily incorporated into my yoga and post-yoga smoothie schedule.) Thankfully, a little pamphlet included in the package offers a few recipes for hemp hearts, and the oil has its own suggestions printed on the side.

But now the real question: why should I use hemp oil or hempseed hearts?

The Research Behind the Hemp

Let’s start with the oil. Hempseed oil is naturally rich in important nutrients, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. It’s also naturally rich in fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties—which may benefit the musculoskeletal system and autoimmune conditions (affecting the appearance of conditions like psoriasis)…MORE (fitnessgoop.com)

Manitoba Hemp Hearts @ Hemp Oil Amazon Store

Is hemp our next Cinderella crop?

Hemp field in Côtes-d'Armor, Brittany, France Photo: Barbetorte CCbySA3.0
Hemp field in Côtes-d’Armor, Brittany, France Photo: Barbetorte CCbySA3.0

Russ Crawford producer.com Aug. 1st, 2014

In the April 17 issue of The Western Producer, the question was posed: “Will Canada ever develop another canola or deliver a discovery that revolutionizes global agriculture?”

I think the answer to that is an emphatic “yes,” and the crop that can do that is hemp: Cinderella 2.0.

Industrial hemp is quite possibly the most important plant on earth.

Its DNA structure is closely aligned with human DNA, so it offers protein, omegas and dietary fibre in perfect proportion to our nutritional needs.

Hemp is naturally gluten free, non-genetically modified, free of trypsin inhibitors, dairy free and virtually free of any form of residual chemicals…MORE (producer.com)

Meet San Diego’s ‘Johnny Hempseed’

David Wagner July 21, 2014

Hemp is taking root again in the United States after decades of prohibition. Congress’ latest farm bill green-lighted hemp on farms that haven’t been able to grow the crop since World War II.

But in order to plant legal hemp, farmers need legal hemp seeds. Hemp booster Chris Boucher is happy to provide them, free of charge. The only problem is that his seeds keep getting seized.

Boucher is the kind of hemp advocate who’s always wearing at least one item of hemp clothing. When I met him at the San Diego office of U.S. Hemp Oil, he was wearing a hemp shirt with a helpful “hemp” label right on the pocket…

MORE (KPBS) Chris Boucher’s 1994 Crop

Large-Scale Hemp Processing Completed for Global Hemp Group

Global Hemp Group Inc.

July 21, 2014: Global Hemp Group announced today it has processed 42 tons of hemp seed into raw materials and products to be delivered to its subsidiary, HempNatura™.

With today’s announcement, GHG has now fully enacted its “soil-to-shelf” strategy. GHG previously took delivery of 93,000 lbs. of hemp seed from NeverIdle Farms Ltd., a farming partner in Alberta, Canada, and is utilizing the services of hemp processors to create value-added materials and consumer market products. The products will be further processed, distributed and retailed by HempNatura, of which GHG owns 20 percent, giving GHG a presence at every stage of the hemp foods supply chain.

Of the seed delivered, 28 tons has been processed into approximately 15,000 lbs. of hemp oil (using a cutting-edge cold press process) and 45,000 lbs. of seed cake now being milled into hemp protein powder and hemp flour. A further 12 tons of seed has been de-hulled producing over 10,000 lbs. of hemp nut to be processed into HempNatura’s proprietary consumer products. More (Yahoo Finance)

Australia: The Politics of Pot

Reporter: Sean Murphy Broadcast 20/07/2014 ABC/AUS

Phil Warner-Ecofiber Screen cap: Hempoil.com
Phil Warner-Ecofiber Screen cap: Hempoil.com

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: This story is about the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, where a controversial green crop is being harvested.

Australia’s fledgling hemp industry has been trying to join the rest of the developed world and produce oil and food for human consumption. A prohibition on growing industrial hemp in Australia was lifted in the late 1990s, but farmers here are restricted to growing fibre and construction materials and politics has prevented them from gaining access to booming hemp food markets, as Sean Murphy reports.

SEAN MURPHY, REPORTER: It looks like a windrow harvest of lucerne, but this is hemp, industrial hemp. It’s grown by Australia’s biggest producer, which has farms and facilities in NSW, Queensland and Tasmania, producing about 2,000 tonnes of raw material a year.

PHIL WARNER, ECOFIBRE: What we are producing presently is just low-level, low-value market material such as pet bedding, horse bedding, erosion control mediums, oil spill containment products, garden mulch – you know, basic things like that. And there’s lots of products we could get to eventually, but it’s about volumes, critical mass that needs to be there. And, you know, the industry isn’t at that stage yet. It’s hampered…MORE With Video (ABC Australia)